Frequently Asked Questions

NSW or VIC club?

Many people ask what's the difference between the VIC and NSW Alvis Car Club. The truth is not a lot, other than VIC catering primarially for members in Victoria, where the NSW club caters for Australia overall with an emphasis on New South Wales events.

Why should I join the club?

Membership gives you access to restricted content on the website which allows you to lookup the history of your vehicle (where available), upload images from past events, browse technical articles in our repository and post for sale and wanted adds online.

Membership also enables you to join the NSW SIVS historic registration scheme as a club vehicle over 30 years old.

We also provide all members with our published monthly magazine Alvibatics providing detailed information about upcoming events and club activities in printed copy via Australia Post.

Furthermore you get to join like minded people in using their Alvis cars on many interesting adventures.

Are you associated with any other clubs?

Yes, the Alvis Car Club also is a strong supporter of the Vintage Sports Car Club of Australia, with our members invited to use their club registered vehicles on all VSCCA events.

We also arrange regular events with other clubs including the Rover club and many more.