The Donald Healey Birthday Car Display Day is organised each year by the Austin Healey Owners Club to commemorate (as suggested) Donald Healey’s birthday of 4th July.  They invite all clubs who have an association with Donald Healey and the Alvis Car Club receives an invitation by virtue of the Alvis Healey made in the early 60s, with a Healey chassis and Alvis 3-litre engine.

This year the event was delayed because of the torrential rain in Sydney early in July, but was held two weeks later at the popular, charming Parramatta Park. 

With many Austin Healeys there, the three 3-litre Alvises attending were a bit different and captured more than their share of attention.

Members of the Austin Healey Owners Club made us feel very welcome and it was a pleasure to wander around the twenty or so cars and chat to their proud owners.

Littered with historic buildings, interesting bushland, a well surfaced internal road and a central location, Parramatta Park is very popular and many of the general public come over to have a look at our cars.  So there are even more people in the world now who have heard of Alvis cars.   

We are always pleased to attend this happy and generous day with the Austin Healey Owners Club and thank them for their invitation again this year.Donald Healey Birthday.png


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