We were looking for four Alvises to be on display at the Shannons Classic Car Display at Eastern Creek this year.  Bob Blacket and Geoffrey Farrance both volunteered their cars and your President was keen to take her FWD  as it is now going again after three years.  She also had the TD21 Series II available for loan. 

However when the day came Heather couldn’t find a volunteer to drive the TD21 and couldn’t get the FWD out of the garage, after the substantial rain that has been inundating Sydney this winter.  So in the end we had two cars on display.  They covered the full Alvis range, so that was something.  Bob’s mascot received much attention, as did Bob’s dog, Lucy, who stayed in the 12/50 beetleback.

Heather made it to the event in a modern and Anthony de Young came to support the Club.

The CMC provided a programme which included a report on the 70th anniversary of  our Club.  So we had a number of visitors interested in seeing the cars.  This included Patrick Cefai, who owns a TE21 (ch#27045), inherited from his father, Tony Cefai, who was a Club member in the 80s.  These types of display days provide an opportunity for people like Patrick to find us and we were delighted to hear about his car.

We also had a chance to peruse the other marques on display and these were not all American muscle cars, as some people think.  There was a great variety of models and it was a pleasure to have a wander around to see them and talk to their owners.

I hope that next year the weather is better and we have more cars available to display, because it is clear that people are interested in finding out about quality, classic cars, so we want to be there to show them off.  Thanks to all who made the effort to come this year, their contribution is very much appreciated.

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August 26, 2022 • 12:32PM


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