Sydney floods had created concern about the  viability of the run, but fortunately the break in the weather was enough to allow us to go ahead.  Some of the roads we had planned to use were closed for repairs so a few last minute changes had to be made to the course.

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We assembled at Ham Common.  Organiser, Brian, came modern, with Sheila and grandson, Josh, ready to take on navigation duties. Heather quickly took Josh on as navigator in her new Alvis TD21 Series II coupe, purchased from brother Colin, who was obliged to attend the run in his new Lexus.  Geoffrey and Danielle came in their TA21.  Geoff wanted to test his sensitive left leg, to see if he could manage to drive a manual car all the way to the National Rally in Hamilton (the answer was ‘no’). 

Pie& Pint2.pngPaul arrived in his MG, just before the start, and with no extra navigators available decided to follow Geoff. Darren and his family had arranged to meet us at the Pub, which was eagerly awaiting our arrival.  The manager had reserved parking for us next to the pub, so that we could display the cars while having lunch.

There were plenty of clouds around but the weather held off for the run, which took about an hour to go from Ham Common to Royal Richmond Hotel, just two miles away. 

The late alteration to the instructions caused some confusion but we all managed to make it to the pub travelling along the pleasant country roads of western Sydney.  Those travelling along the prescribed route had well surfaced roads, but some took an alternate route and found two big potholes, large enough to take a wheel and some of the car.

The Pub manager had pies made especially for our ‘Pie and Pint Run’.  The Beef Bourguinon was a favourite, but Heather went for the Chicken and Leek pie which was also a delight.  Black beer seemed to be the popular choice of liquid refreshment. Scrumptious local apples were on sale to support the Bilpin orchards which had been affected by the floods.

Although there was a bit of rain as we had our lunch in the pub, the weather held off for most of the drive home.  Just as Paul reached the M2 motorway, the rain bucketed down.  Fortunately there were no stops so he managed to stay dry.

Brian and Sheila did a wonderful job of organising the run.  With floods and COVID-19 to contend with, the odds were stacked against them.  But it is hard to keep a good man down.  Our thanks go to them both for their hard work and persistence in organising such a delightful day.

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